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Behind the UK mobile ad numbers

The IAB and PwC just released the UK mobile advertising numbers for 2008. For a huge market like the UK, GBP 28.6m seems pathetically low. Yes, there is a 100% growth, which can certainly be celebrated in an otherwise dismal economy. However, the amount itself is really small.

The problem however, lies in what is measured. The report only deals with display and search. Although CTRs are higher on mobile than on the web, this is probably just a function of less ad fatigue on mobile. Pure logic says that the mobile screen size is hardly as suited for display ads as web. Furthermore, given the relatively small amount of mobile formated (and targeted) sites compared to total web sites, it is not surprising that search is not huge either.

What the numbers miss – and really where mobile comes into its own – is as an interactive, engaging device that should be a natural part of any digital campaign. I am sure if you include things such as text-to-win, mobile photo competitions, development of marketing wap sites, etc etc – it would reveal a much more significant number. A number that would actually get the attention of marketers and brands. 28.6m in a market the size of the UK will sadly not.

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