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Digital Hollywood: Video, Video, more Video — and Twitter Bashing

A well attended Digital Hollywood took place last week. I had the pleasure on speaking on a well moderated panel on cross platform advertising strategies.  The discussion was quite good, although the focus really tended to migrate towards online video and monetization of such.  This was pretty much the trend overall on a majority of the panels I attended. Hollywood is no doubt fixated on the explosive growth of online video and is seeking to capitalize.

However, very few talked specifically about monetization beyond display ads.  Companies like NeuroFocus gave a spectacular demonstration on how to create the optimal video ad – and other companies provided innovative solutions for displaying ads alongside the video content.  It struck me however how display focused everything still is. Granted, personalization and targeting will improve display effectiveness – no doubt – but the focus on marketing seems to be on the old mantra of buying reach to create engagement.  Very few talked about how to create engagement to generate reach. What was also quite apparent was the lack of attendance from agencies.

Between sessions, the favorite past time seemed to be Twitter bashing. Most had picked up the story about the flight of users from Twitter, and being Hollywood, hopping on the bandwagon of the moment, most seemed to dismiss Twitter as “noise”, a “waste of time” and (perhaps oddly enough considering what Hollywood often is about) an overly focused self promotion tool…

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