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It has been a while since I was in management consulting and got deep into research.  Below you will find a collection of some of the more in-depth research articles I’ve written, along with some more recent work.

Patent: A platform for alternative payments

While at CyberSource, a Visa company, I had the privilege to work alongside some stellar colleagues.  We wanted to take a new approach on how payment gateways integrated alternative/local payment methods, and created a reverse API alternative payments platform, for which we were granted a patent.

Sharing On a Small Screen

How do you overcome high marketing costs and poor business models in the mobile content industry? Ensure your content and services gets distributed through word-of-mouth marketing.  This paper addresses how to do this successfully, and contains detailed statistics of a service my company was responsible for that became an astounding success.   DOWNLOAD.

CNBC Power Lunch On Mobile Games

My first appearance on TV (outside of local sports news in Norway that dealt with American Football :), which took place in 2005 and appeared on CNBC Europe. The topic was E3, the games conference in Los Angeles, and turned out to be (not in my intention) the battle of console games vs mobile games.  WATCH.

Mobile Downloadable Content

This paper was published on various web sites, including the launch of, and was also part of the papers delivered for an online conference, whose name I’ve since forgotten. Although written i 2003, a lot of the arguments are still valid (unfortunately for the industry).  DOWNLOAD.

How Can E-Commerce Create Value?

By far my most ambitious research article.  It was published in the “Norwegian Journal of Economics” in 1999, and was actually used by the Norwegian School of Economics as part of their compulsory reading in for their business degree in 2000. Sorry, only in Norwegian.  DOWNLOAD.

Does the Internet Create Value for Financial Institutions?

This article was published in “Sparebankbladet” – a trade journal for all the Norwegian savings banks. It presented the findings of a major research study on the impact of the internet on financial institutions, and how they should react. Sorry, only in Norwegian.  DOWNLOAD.

E-Commerce: Fundamental Changes

This paper was published in 1999 in the magazine “Fokus” which is a Norwegian journal for the consulting industry.  It deals with how the internet is impacting the consulting industry. Sorry, only in Norwegian.  DOWNLOAD.