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Mobile financing – where the money went in mobile in 2012

An excellent report from Ridgcrest Capital Partners puts the spotlight on financing deals and M&A deals in the mobile and wireless sector for 2012.  Not surprisingly the social sector, or mobile lifestyle had the largest number of financing deals, followed by the platform/app space:

Mobile Financing by Type (Source: Ridgrest Capital)

Where it does get interesting though is looking at a the trend over the last few years.  Mobile payments – which arguably is an area where it will be some time before you see true uptake, is experiencing an ever increasing flow of money:

Growth in deal value 2009-2012 (Source: Ridgcrest Capital)

Is this chasing the pie in the sky, as payments – with perhaps the exception of LBS – is among the most unproven areas? Possibly, but this is also the market recognizing the power of controlling the information flow at the point of purchase. No doubt there is potential in mobile payments, but this is perhaps the most fiercely competitive area in mobile – with 2013 still too early to announce any clear winners.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this post are mine and do not reflect the views of any clients or companies I am currently working for or have worked for.

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