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mTrip: The power of mobile in one small package

It is not often I feel compelled to write about a specific mobile application, but after learning about mTrip, one word I was left with was simply WOW!  “Bleeding edge” features like Augmented Reality (AR) and location based services have often gotten a bad rap as there simply have not been a compelling user value propositions with either.   I believe mTrip will be one of the apps to contribute to changing this, although I have seen lots of cool LBS and AR apps, including a light switch selector app made by the good people over at monkeySac – but mTrips is really the most compelling app that appeals to a very wide user base. It is also well designed, and has key social embedded functionality that will help this become a popular app. The developers have also been clever in allowing offline usage, which is key as outrageous data roaming charges are continuing. What will be interesting to watch is when apps like these get embedded with payment and POS, as well as deals. Brands would kill for access to influence travelers like this.


This is close to my heart as well, as I worked on a similar project back in 2001 (which we called Integrated Mobile and Satelite Technologies – how is that for a brand name!) with The Mobile Media Company. This was long before AR was possible, thus we scrapped the project due to the costs.

What the real question is though, why is someone like mTrip the first to make this? Where is Lonely Planet or any of the other big travel content leaders?  Why are the big guys yet again asleep at the wheel?  I predict a lot of copy cats, but if mTrip executes well, their founders can look forward to a very bright future indeed…

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  1. shanewilliamson (@shanewilliamson) says

    Great travel app for mobile called mtrip. Wish I had this for recent trip to Europe.

  2. John Haining (@johnhaining) says

    Extremely interesting travel app mTrip:

  3. Tough Biz says

    Wooww. I love this app. This will help me a lot with my business dates!

  4. Sabrina says

    Check out the new sharing features at