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Mobile data still exploding, and hello to yet another mobile OS

Both Wedbush Securities and Chetan Sharma confirm the explosive growth in mobile data consumption.  Data is soon becoming more important than voice (Chetan predicts that data ARPU will surpass voice ARPU in two years), further accentuating the push that drives telcos to live in a software driven world:

(Source: Wedbush)

(Source: Chetan Sharma)

So what better way to signify this transition for telcos, than China Unicom’s announcement that they will be releasing their own smartphone operating system?  With a name like Wophone, developers may be asking “What phone?” but given Unicom’s market presence, it may prove a tempting alternative.  Whether a mobile operator is suited to cater to developers is left to be seen.  As a developer you may have thought that Symbian’s inevitable(?) demise meant one less framework to develop for. Think again.

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