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Wedbush: No iPhone on Verizon until 2012

Although I try to hold off on reporting on iPhone rumours, as there are already too many people out there overly excited about the phone, Wedbush just sent out a newsletter with the following:

Our checks continue to indicate that Verizon Wireless is unlikely to carry the iPhone in the near term. However, we decided to review the impact to our space if they were to carry the iPhone. We have turned over all the stones we could and have >90% confidence Verizon Wireless will not get the iPhone next January and likely not until 2012 when AT&T Mobility’s 5-year exclusivity ends. Then again, there is a small chance a couple of stones left unturned could surprise us.”

But if you already read my previous article on the $700 iPhone app, this should not change your strategy if you are a brand or developer, because you know how hard it is to focus on the iPhone and the application.

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