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Aussies encouraged to be on Facebook while driving!

With 110% penetration of mobile devices, and over 50% of the population with 3G subscriptions, Aussies are surely poised to be leaders in the take up of mobile services.  However, only a third of 3G subscribers actually used their mobile for content and services online.  Facebook is also clearly very popular in Australia, with 75% of Aussies having visited a Facebook page, and 59% actively maintaining a page.  So clearly, the marketing agency used by Telstra seeks to use that fact to encourage more mobile usage:

Checking Facebook on your mobile is perhaps not what most countries would consider proper safety standards.   In the agency’s defence, this picture was taken on a bus and most likely considered to be targeted for people sitting on the bus, but nonetheless I found it somewhat amusing.  So I apologize for my Fox News like headline, but at least it got your attention :).

If you do want to know more about the Australian market, then feel free to read the report issues by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

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