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Ericsson eStore: Sounds vaguely familiar…

This was one that I almost did not catch, but Ericsson announced their eStore initiative in Barcelona a few weeks back. Essentially it is a managed service app store concept they are pushing to mobile operators and media companies.  In that regards, not too different from what Motricity and heaps of others provide.

But honestly, Ericsson has been pushing managed service content portals since 2004, mainly affiliated with Ericsson Mobility World which was/is their center for expertise in mobile content and services. So eStore honestly seems like an old concept in a new wrapping.   The old Mobility World link now leads to “Ericsson Developer Connection“, which is only one component of their offering.

Forgive me for not being excited about this one.  Mobility World has been around for 6 years and has to my knowledge not had any major launches or successes.  Also, if a differentiator for eStore is what Telco 2.0 says, in that they can support multiple business models, then eStore will not make much impact as this must surely be a minimum requirement to even play in the app space.

Maybe I am being too hard on Ericsson here, but putting a new name on a 6 year old initiative is hardly going to make a difference.  Please chime in with your own thoughts through the comments!

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