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INQ data proves smartphone assumption fallacy

screen_facebookSo many people wrongly attribute the growth of mobile data to the iPhone and the growth of smartphones. I have time and time again argued that this is not the case.  Feature phones are perfectly capable data phones, however they are generally sold without data plans, and are not packaged and promoted as data capable phones.

As usual, H3G shows the way with statistics from INQ handset users. INQ is a feature phone that just happens to come with a data plan and is marketed as a “Facebook phone”.  The usage stats are very(!) impressive, and proves yet again that data growth has absolutely nothing to do with how smart the phone is but how smart the marketers are.

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  1. Matt Steine says

    Completely agree with you JT, Hutch’s practice of tying in sales commissions to data(content) pack conversion had more to do with consumer take up than the phone type.